Birthday parties, promotional events, public venues, festivals, private events, individuals and more! We offer a range of artistic services for all kinds of events and needs!

See below for brief descriptions, and click on this Fee Sheet for details and pricing (most services start at $75/hr)

Face Painting

This service provides Professional face painting using high-quality, FDA-compliant colors!

Water-proof Face Painting

Our Waterproof paints are great for pool parties or sweat-resistant events.


Preserve the image of someone with one of our handpainted watercolor portraits.

UV Face Painting

Select UV Face Painting to create a glow effect at Blacklight parties using bright neon colors!

Body Painting/ Baby Bump

Body painting and Baby Bump painting are fun for those wanting a special memento for a special occasion!

Canvas/ Acrylic

Our canvas paintings are perfect for keep-sakes, gifts, mementos, etc!


Special Halloween* designs, burn injuries, broken glass injuries… anything is possible! Also available for rescue duty practice etc.
*waterproof recommended

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup lasts over 24 hours without smearing, running, fading, or caking.
Smooth, naturally-even skin in any light.

Murals/ Windows/ Backdrops

Need a custom mural? Need a shop window painted, or a backdrop for your event? We can do it!

See our Fee Sheet with full description and prices here.